15 Aug,2023
Authentic New York-Style Pizza in Amsterdam

Experience the Pizza Cruise Amsterdam: A Unique Culinary Adventure

‍Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Amsterdam while relishing on your favorite pizza slices. The New York pizza cruise Amsterdam offers a unique blend of sightseeing and dining, making it an ideal way to experience the city. Introduction A pizza cruise in Amsterdam – the ultimate boat tour experience not just for children! Imagine …

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17 Jul,2023
Exploring Amsterdam with Your Four-Legged Friend

Navigating Amsterdam’s Canals: The Best Dog-Friendly Cruise

‍Introduction: Amsterdam’s Canals and their Significance Amsterdam, known as the “Venice of the North,” is famous for its intricate network of canals. These waterways play a crucial role in the city’s identity, depicting its historical evolution and rich cultural heritage. From the 17th-century Golden Age canals, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to the modern …

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14 Jul,2023
Enjoying a Scenic Boat Ride in Amsterdam

Navigating the Waters of Fun: Guide to Party Boat Amsterdam

‍Photo by Kanenori on Pixabay – Party Boat Amsterdam Introduction to Amsterdam’s Party Boat Scene Party Boat Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is renowned for its artistic heritage, intricate canal system, and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. But beyond the traditional tourist attractions, Amsterdam has a …

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06 Jun,2023
Enjoying a gourmet dinner on a boat in Amsterdam.

Sail Into the Sunset: Unraveling the Beauty of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that is best experienced by water. With its extensive network of canals, it is no wonder why it is known as the “Venice of the North.” And what better way to explore the city’s waterways than by taking a luxurious sunset cruise? In this article, we will unravel the beauty of …

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02 Jun,2023
Sunset casting a warm glow on the Amsterdam waterfront.

Experience the Charm of Amsterdam in the Early Hours

Amsterdam morning tours is a great opportunity to see the city waking up. Amsterdam is a city that is known for its vibrant nightlife, but there is something truly magical about experiencing the city in the early morning hours. This is a time when the streets are quiet, the canals are peaceful, and the city …

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25 Jan,2023
Nighttime Amsterdam cityscape with sparkling lights.

Why you should book the best canal cruise in Amsterdam

Are you looking for the best way to explore the beautiful canals of Amsterdam? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Boatboys Best Canal cruises Amsterdam are one of the most popular ways to explore this magical city, and there are many companies offering private canal cruises to make your experience even better. Whether …

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16 Oct,2022
Quaint houseboat nestled along an Amsterdam canal.

Become engaged on a romantic private boat in Amsterdam!

Marriage proposal in Amsterdam Pop the question in a romantic setting – on a luxury private boat on the Amsterdam canals. Nothing beats an intimate set up to ask for the hand of your beloved partner. Our historic canal boat Undine is the perfect location for a marriage proposal in Amsterdam. A marriage proposal in …

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13 Oct,2022
Private Boat Tours in Amsterdam

Private romantic tour on the Amsterdam canals

Romantic tour in Amsterdam – explore the city with a private boat If you are travelling with your partner in Amsterdam, you for sure would like to spent some quality time. The most private and romantic tour in Amsterdam is to explore the city with a luxurious private boat. The boat is beautifully rennovated and …

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04 Mar,2022
Elegant Dinner Cruise Aboard the Undine Boat in Amsterdam

Enjoy your breakfast on a luxury private boat in Amsterdam!

Breakfast cruise Amsterdam is the most unique breakfast experience in Amsterdam. Step on board of our classic & chic luxury saloon boat from 1920 and enjoy a 2 hr breakfast boat tour while enjoying a healthy, american or classic breakfast! The boat can seat up to 4-5 persons for a breakfast experience. You can order …

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19 Jun,2021
Delicious and colorful vegan sushi platter in Amsterdam.

Vegan Sushi Amsterdam – private luxury dining on a canal cruise

Vegan Sushi Amsterdam options Book a private dinner or lunch cruise with us and enjoy vegan sushi in Amsterdam. Float through the historic canals of the city centre while exploring the flavors of plant-based sushi. We work together with the Vegan Sushi Bar Amsterdam which has already opened 2 locations in Amsterdam within a short …

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13 Feb,2021
Admiring Amsterdam's Iconic Windmills

Luxury afternoon tea in Amsterdam – the floating High Tea experience!

The best High Tea Amsterdam experience on a luxury canal boat from 1920. Step onboard of the historic canal tour boat Undine and enjoy a private luxury afternoon tea on the water. This floating High Tea is a unique activity during your stay. Read further to understand what the options are and why this is …

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25 Jan,2021
Salonboot Undine - A Luxurious Private Boat in Amsterdam

Luxury boat rental Amsterdam – explore the canals

Boat rental in Amsterdam – which boat to choose? Coming to Amsterdam for the first time can be overwhelming. Plenty of boat tour operators and several boat types to choose from. But how to identify the right canal boat for your occassion or group? This article will help you to make the right decision for …

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25 Jan,2021
Houseboat lit up at night, creating a charming ambiance.

Rent classic private boat Undine in Amsterdam

Rent a boat in Amsterdam – a private canal tour for 150Eur/hour Rent a boat in Amsterdam with boat tour operator Boatboys. Visiting Amsterdam comes with a lot of activity options. Walk through the red light district, check out the local coffeeshops or visit the tulip fields Keukenhof. But nearly no one forgets to hop …

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13 Dec,2020
Delicious Dutch Pancakes Served in Amsterdam

Reasons why Undine is the perfect private boat in Amsterdam!

Rent a saloon boat – in dutch called salonbootje – in Amsterdam! With the high amount of choices for boat tour agencies in Amsterdam comes also the decision-making difficulty. Should you rather hop on a large tourist boat and share the boat with plenty of strangers or are you seeking for a memorable experience? Our …

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11 Dec,2020
Private Canal Boat Tours Amsterdam

Luxury salonboot in Amsterdam – classic boat Undine!

Saloonboot Amsterdam – our classic saloon boat Undine is the perfect boat for a coronaproof activity in Amsterdam. The boat is only operating for private boat tours so no strangers will be joining your canal cruise. Read more in this article why our salonboot is the right choice for your Amsterdam canal cruise. Our private …

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23 Oct,2020
boat hire amsterdam

Experience an Amsterdam boat cruise with us!

Amsterdam Boat Experience on a private canal boat Take our private canal boat Undine for an Amsterdam boat experience. Unlike a lot of other boat tour agencies, you can enjoy the private boat just with your own group! Wondering how affordable this is and why you should prefer a private Amsterdam boat experience instead of …

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23 Oct,2020
Savoring Dutch Cheese and Wine on a Private Boat

Dine & Cruise with Amsterdam Private Boat!

Enjoy a dinner cruise Amsterdam on our luxury boat Undine A dinner cruise in Amsterdam on saloon boat Undine is the perfect activity for those who would like to combine a canal cruise with a unique dining experience. Our classic saloon boat Undine is from 1920 and has even a monument status. It has been …

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22 Oct,2020
boat hire amsterdam

Cruise along the Amsterdam rivers with private boat Undine!

Amsterdam River Cruising in a luxury canal boat Being in Amsterdam comes with plenty of activity options. You can not just enjoy some of the worlds famous Museums like the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum, but also some Amsterdam river cruising! But why is an Amsterdam river cruise so special? And which boat should you …

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04 Oct,2020
Dutch Cheese and Wine Tasting on a Private Boat.

Boat tour Amsterdam – choose the right boat for your boat excursion

A Boat Tour Amsterdam is one of the most favorite things visitors do during their stay in the city. Amsterdam is known as the city with the most water and canals. It is also called the second Venice in Europe! Therefore, what could be better to explore the city and its scenic landmarks with a …

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04 Oct,2020
boat hire amsterdam

Boat hire Amsterdam with private boat Undine

Boat hire Amsterdam is the perfect way to explore the city in a private way. Boat tour agency Boatboys has a classic saloon boat to rent out for private canal tours. But why to choose a private boat hire in Amsterdam instead of the shared boats? In this article you will find the answers. 1. …

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17 Aug,2020
boat hire amsterdam

Rock that boat Amsterdam with classic private boat Undine

You want to rock that boat in Amsterdam? Celebrate a birthday, wedding day anniversary or a bachelor / bachelorette party. Classic boat Undine is a private boat in Amsterdam. Undine has all the amentities your group needs. From minibar to dining table. Find out more why Undine is the perfect canal boat for your special …

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09 Aug,2020
best boat tour amsterdam

Tips for the Best Boat Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the top busy tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, you should make all the traveling arrangements prior to the beginning of your journey right from travel to accommodation. Moreover, you should consider taking the Best Boat Tour Amsterdam. It will not only add convenience …

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07 Aug,2020
Private Boat Hire in Amsterdam

Groupon Amsterdam Boat Coupons for Best Private Boat Deals

With over 1700 bridges spread across Amsterdam, traversing the rivers is one of the best ways to explore this magnificent city. No matter if you want to visit a museum in the city or attend the Amsterdam Light Festival, you can easily do it on a boat. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, …

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15 Jul,2020

Visit Amsterdam After COVID-19

A private boat tour in Amsterdam is always a great way to see the city. It’s safe, convenient, and affordable. Now, it has become even more of a must-try as we prepare for the new normal after COVID-19.   Of course, you can discover the city any way you like. However, if you don’t go …

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15 Jul,2020

Kid-Friendly Travel Tips for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is probably not the first city that comes to mind when you’re thinking of family-friendly destinations. That’s understandable since the city’s red-light district is just as famous as its museums and luxurious private canal boat tours.  Believe it or not, Amsterdam has plenty to offer for families who are looking to have some wholesome …

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12 Jun,2020

How to Best Discover Amsterdam

Most European countries tend to make people walk. This is mainly because there’s so much history to learn and cultural heritage to admire. If you’re visiting Amsterdam, the most watery city in the world, then simply walking to explore just won’t cut it. Why? The capital city of the Netherlands boasts more canals than Venice …

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20 Apr,2020

Rent a luxury boat Amsterdam to Have a Good Time in the city

Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam is normally meant for those clients who prefer peace, tranquillity, and privacy as opposed to cruising in groups.

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26 Mar,2020
private canal cruise in Amsterdam

As a Tourist Destination, Amsterdam Offers the Best Deals for Everyone

Private Boat Charter in Amsterdam is increasingly becoming common for tourists who want to have their private moments while enjoying themselves at the same time.

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28 Jan,2020
Private Canal Boat Tours Amsterdam

The Ultimate Vegan Tour on the canals of Amsterdam

Knowing where you will spend your days and nights will help you out with the trouble of visiting highly crowded areas. It is always advisable to have your Vegan Tours Amsterdam in the offseason since it is more enjoyable with fewer visitors.

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16 Jan,2020
Private Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Vegan Tour Amsterdam: vegan friendly tours with Amsterdam Private Boat

The latest rise in the consumption of plant-based foods has led to an increased demand for vegan foods in Amsterdam. In previous years, the world has seen more than a 30% rise in people identifying themselves as vegan and vegetarian.

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