Enjoy your breakfast on a luxury private boat in Amsterdam!

Breakfast cruise Amsterdam is the most unique breakfast experience in Amsterdam. Step on board of our classic & chic luxury saloon boat from 1920 and enjoy a 2 hr breakfast boat tour while enjoying a healthy, american or classic breakfast!

Elegant Dinner Cruise Aboard the Undine Boat in Amsterdam
Fancy breakfast cruise on board of Undine

The boat can seat up to 4-5 persons for a breakfast experience. You can order a la carte on board from Restaurant Black. See the menu below for their options:

breakfast cruise amsterdam
Meat & vegetarian options for the breakfast cruise

Vegan breakfast cruise Amsterdam

For our plant-based fellows, we also offer the option for a fully vegan breakfast cruise. This breakfast contains of plenty of organic food items as well as organic juices. Below you can see a list of our food items for the vegan breakfast tour. The breakfast is charged at 20 EUR per person.

  1. Croissants (organic & plant-based from the hip bakery in Amsterdam Jordaan “Margos“) Choose from a variety of their fresh & homemade croissant varieties: Cheese, Ham, Chocolate and Plain.
  2. Top it up with the dutch breakfast item Hagelslag – which is also known as pure (dairy free) chocolate sprinkles. Sweet and yummi – a perfect start for the day!
  3. We will also provide any of your favourite jam flavor – strawberry – rasperry – apricot etc.
  4. Organic juices can not be missed of course to have a good day in the start.
  5. Coffee & Tea will be served on board from our Nespresso machine to wake you up 🙂
breakfast boat tour amsterdam champagne
Upgrade your breakfast tour with a bottle of Champagne

Price of a breakfast boat cruise in Amsterdam

The price for a private breakfast cruise starts from 430 EUR + the charges for your preferred breakfast. The duration of this tour is always a minimum of 2 hours – so you can enjoy the food as well as have enough time to get to know the city. Of course it is also possible to have an extended tour of 2.5 or 3hr tour to discover more of the canals and the historic city centre.

breakfast boat tour amsterdam champagne
Private Breakfast Cruise in Amsterdam

Book your breakfast boat tour

To book your breakfast boat cruise Amsterdam you can simply call us via +31 6 45 25 1000 or make an online reservation via our booking system. You can simply choose a package with at least 120 minutes and select your preferred start time. If you would like to have the vegan breakfast you can mention that in the comment section. For the regular vegetarian/meat breakfast you can simply select restaurant Black from the dropdown menu as an option.

If you have any more questions, you can also Whatsapp us by using the Chat function on the left corner. Any special wishes? Please let us know and we are happy to see how we can make this tour an unforgettable experience for you!

private luxury breakfast cruise amsterdam