19 Jun 2021

Vegan Sushi Amsterdam – private luxury dining on a canal cruise

Vegan Sushi Amsterdam options

Book a private dinner or lunch cruise with us and enjoy vegan sushi in Amsterdam. Float through the historic canals of the city centre while exploring the flavors of plant-based sushi. We work together with the Vegan Sushi Bar Amsterdam which has already opened 2 locations in Amsterdam within a short time. The popularity of their fish-free sushi speaks for themselves! Pick your favourite dish from the vegan sushi bar Amsterdam menu: Classic Edamame beans, Gyoza, Sashimi, Naki and a small selection of vegan desserts. For the fancy sushi lovers they offer a variety of signature rolls like the “Mighty Mushroom”.

vegan sushi amsterdam
Vegan Sushi options on the private boat tour – order a la a carte on board!
plant based sushi amsterdam
A variety of delicious plant based sushi options from the Vegan Sushi Bar

The private boat for your vegan sushi tour

The floating monument “Undine” is one of the most iconic historic saloon boats in Amsterdam. Built in 1920 in Berlin, it has served many years as a passenger transportation boat between East and West Berlin until it was privately owned. Since 2019, it is beautifully renovated and upgraded with every comfort you might wish on a boat. Minibar, sundeck, heating, plushy velvet cushions, dining table and much more.

Once you are onboard of our private boat – the menus from the Vegan Sushi Bar are on the table so you can order a la carte the dishes you like. We then sail towards the restaurant to pick up the order and the waiter will serve the food into the boat. Then it’s all about relaxing and enjoying your vegan sushi while dining on your private canal boat!

Pictures of the private boat & dinner cruise experience

vegan tour amsterdam
private dinner cruise vegan
vegan sushi tour amsterdam

Vegan friendly wine (and other drinks) on board!

Next to the vegan sushi option we also serve only vegan friendly wines from Chateau Amsterdam. This means our wines are not filtered with gelatine or other animal ingredients. This also applies to the rest of our drink selection, like Champagne, soft drinks and juices. Hassle-free choosing of vegan friendly drinks is therefore guaranteed!

vegan wine
Vegan wine served on board

Prices & How to book

The prices for a vegan sushi cruise start from 300 EUR (group price up to 4 persons) for a 2-hours private boat tour. The food you order at the Vegan Sushi Bar will be charged separately. So the costs depend on the amount you order and which dishes you choose. The prices and the options are exactly the same then on their menu – we do not add any surcharges on top of it! Our drink packages are only 10 EUR per person. With the drink package, you can enjoy our minibar unlimited (beer, white wine, red wine, soft drinks). Champagne is available for an extra charge of 65 EUR per bottle.

Make your reservation online or call / whatsapp us under +31 6 45 25 1000.

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