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Boat hire Amsterdam is the perfect way to explore the city in a private way. Boat tour agency Boatboys has a classic saloon boat to rent out for private canal tours. But why to choose a private boat hire in Amsterdam instead of the shared boats? In this article you will find the answers.

1. Private boat hire Amsterdam provides personal and customized tours

Hiring a private boat in Amsterdam means also to enjoy the freedom of having a boat just for your own group. No need to share the boat with many strangers. You can enjoy the attention of the captain just for yourself without getting distracted by the conversations of other strangers. Furthermore, your captain also has the time to answer all the historical and general questions about the city of Amsterdam.

boat hire amsterdam
Boat hire Amsterdam with private boat Undine

2. Hire a private boat to alter the route

Many canal tours have a standard route. The standard route is often chosen for larger tourist boats, as they can not enter in narrow canals. Therefore, the quality of your route is suffering. If you choose for a private canal boat, the captain is able to modify the route based on the things you would like to see. With our small canal boat, there is no canal to narrow to enter and we can easily turn around to change directions.

3. Take your time when making pictures

Standard canal tours do not stop when you would like to take your time for a special picture moment with your partner or friends. As you are not the only group in a large tourist boat, the captain will not consider your special wishes as this is just not possible with many groups on board. The advantages of a private boat hire is that you can take your time when you would like to stop at a special scenic landmark. This guarantees you the perfect vacation picture!

4. The self-serving minibar as highlight

Besides the fact that large tourist boats do not cater any beverages during the tour, they also do not have any snacks on board. Private boat hire Amsterdam is different. We do not just have a coronaproof minibar on board, but also some nuts as complimentary snacks. Enjoy the canal tour while sipping on your favorite drink!

boat hire amsterdam


Hire a private boat in Amsterdam and you will definitely not regret it. The quality of the tour and the amenities on board outweigh the little price difference. Many customers have rated this boat tour with raging 5 star reviews, which you can read here on Tripadvisor! To make direct bookings for the best rates, please visit our booking page on our website You can also give us a call under +31 6 45 25 1000 and ask for last minute rates.