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Rent a boat in Amsterdam – a private canal tour for 150Eur/hour

Rent a boat in Amsterdam with boat tour operator Boatboys. Visiting Amsterdam comes with a lot of activity options. Walk through the red light district, check out the local coffeeshops or visit the tulip fields Keukenhof. But nearly no one forgets to hop on a canal boat to discover the city from the water!

Most of the tourists decide to rent a boat in Amsterdam. But as this is a very popular activity for most visitors, there is also a lot of choices. This article will help you to choose for the right canal boat and provides you with an overview with the different options.

1. Private Canal Boat

A private canal boat is the most comfortable and luxurious option. Many couples and friend groups choose for this as its the most convenient way of discovering the city. As you rent the boat just for group, there is no need to stay silent during the tour to not disturb other passengers. You can take all the time you want to take the perfect picture.

rental boat amsterdam
Relax on the sundeck of a private boat with just your group of friends

Next to that, the captain is also your personal tour guide and he will take his time to answer all your questions about the city and to share his fun facts with you. Private canal boat Undine is one of the most valued private boats in Amsterdam. Check out the 5 Star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor.

Houseboat lit up at night, creating a charming ambiance.
Rent private canal boat “Undine”

2. Shared canal boats

Shared canal boats are the cheapest but also the least convenient way to explore the city from the water. A large canal boat can fit up to 50 tourists and there is no personal tour guide but you will wear headsets or they play an audio tour guide on speakers to explain the city in multiple languages.

Furthermore, the shared canal boats only have standard routes. Due to their bigger size, it is not possible to discover the narrow canals of the city. So if you would like to alter your route – there is no option.

3. Rent a E-boat in Amsterdam and drive yourself

You also have the option to drive a boat yourself. Dont expect too much luxury here and the boats only go up to 6km/h. Furthermore, those boats are not covered so in case of rainfall be prepared and take an umbrella with you.


Renting a boat is a fun way to discover the historic city centre. Depending on your budget, the most comfortable and convenient way is to rent a private boat with your partner or group of friends. The prices start from 150 Eur per hour and can be booked via phone +31 6 45 25 1000 or via the online system.

For budget travellers who do not mind to have a basic experience – can easily book one of the larger tourist boats departing in front of central station. Still not sure which boat to book? Compare boats on boat rental Amsterdam.