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With over 1700 bridges spread across Amsterdam, traversing the rivers is one of the best ways to explore this magnificent city. No matter if you want to visit a museum in the city or attend the Amsterdam Light Festival, you can easily do it on a boat. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, you definitely need to check out our boat packages. You can also use the Groupon Amsterdam Boat coupons to grab better deals on the packages.

There is nothing pleasing than exploring Amsterdam on a private boat. First, the boats eliminate the fatigue factor from your trip as you don’t need to walk. Moreover, they offer you a lot of great amenities onboard like food, drinks, open deck, etc. 

Here are some of the services that you will get on your private boat tour in Amsterdam.

Services of Amsterdam Private Boat Tour | Book Now!

Well, if we talk about the services and features of our private boat tour of Amsterdam, there are many that will leave you flabbergasted. The first and unique thing is our boat.

The name of the boat is Classic Saloon boat Undine. The unique boat is from 1920 that has a historical character. Moreover, looking at the current needs of the tourists and the tourism industry, we have upgraded the boat.

It is packed with some brilliant and ingenious features that will pay off your investment. Some of them are:

Open Deck

With the help of Groupon Amsterdam coupons, you can live the moment of standing on the deck of a boat with your partner. The open deck of the boat has the required seating where you can comfortably rest and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the city. Moreover, our saloon boat tour takes you through some of the awesome places in the city.

You can enjoy the view of the point of seven bridges, the Anne Frank Museum,  the Red Light District, and many more!

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Another thing that distinguishes our boat from the others is the convertibility feature. Our Undine saloon boat can be closed anytime if required. This helps in shielding the tourists from rainy and cold weather.

Moreover, to maintain a cross ventilation of the air, the windows of the boat can be opened. In case you feel a bit uncomfortable due to the cold weather, you can get fleece blankets inside our boat.

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Beverages (Groupon Amsterdam 40% off also applies to drink package!)

Whenever a tourist enters our boat, we offer them a welcome drink along with information about the city. Moreover, we also have a Nespresso machine and a minibar. You can get as many drinks as you want from our minibar. We offer:

  1. Beer
  2. Red Wine
  3. White Wine
  4. Coffee
  5. Soft Drink
  6. Water
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High Transport Capacity

If you are traveling with more people, you can use the Groupon Amsterdam Boat coupons to get the best deals.

However, the boat can easily adjust 12 persons in it. So, even if you are traveling with your whole family, our Amsterdam private boat will easily adjust.

Special Occasions

If you are planning on proposing your love or want to spend some quality time with your family, inform us and we will make the arrangements. Also, we will take care of everything, from drinks to dinner.

Moreover, you can choose from dishes from various different restaurants. You will get a menu in the boat where you will get to choose starters and dishes from various restaurants that are located on the canals of the city. These restaurants can easily serve the food into our boat.

The red and white wines that we serve are from Chateau Amsterdam. So, be carefree about the bad quality of the wine; they all are of premium quality that will be reflected in their taste. You can also opt for a drink package per person.

So far are the features and amenities that we offer you on our saloon boat Undine. Now, let us talk about the packages we offer. You can use the Groupon Amsterdam coupons to get a discount on the original price.

90 minutes Private Boat Tour + A welcome drink€ 340
120 minutes Private Boat Tour + A welcome drink€ 430
120 minutes Private Dinner Cruise (dinner charged separately)€ 430
180 minutes Private Boat Tour + A welcome drink€ 520
90 minutes Private Amsterdam Light Festival Tour + A welcome drink€ 340
Packages and Pricings

Feel free to choose any package from those described above and book your private tour boat in Amsterdam. These prices may seem a bit high for you, but to make them affordable, we are offering a discount of 40% on all the packages. You can grab the discounted rate with Groupon Amsterdam coupons.

All you need to do is use the code “Groupon40” and VOILA! Enjoy the beauty of one of the most watery cities on earth on a fully equipped and furnished private boat.