17 Jul 2023

Navigating Amsterdam’s Canals: The Best Dog-Friendly Cruise

Introduction: Amsterdam’s Canals and their Significance

Amsterdam, known as the “Venice of the North,” is famous for its intricate network of canals. These waterways play a crucial role in the city’s identity, depicting its historical evolution and rich cultural heritage. From the 17th-century Golden Age canals, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to the modern residential canals, they remain fundamental to the city’s urban structure. Enjoy a canal cruise Amsterdam with dog with Boatboys private boat tours. The charm of Amsterdam lies in these canals, which offer unique perspectives of the city’s architecture and lifestyle.

Navigating these canals, whether by boat, on foot, or by bike, is a quintessential Amsterdam experience. And for dog owners, what could be more delightful than sharing this experience with their furry friends? The city’s pet-friendly approach extends to its waterways, making Amsterdam canal cruises dog friendly and allowing for some unforgettable experiences.

amsterdam canal cruise dog allowed

The significance of these canals is not limited to their scenic beauty or historical importance. They form the city’s lifeline, shaping Amsterdam’s unique landscape and serving as a bustling hub of commercial and recreational activities. Their appeal transcends seasons and resonates with locals and tourists alike, humans and dogs included.

Why choose a Dog-Friendly Canal Cruise in Amsterdam?

Choosing a dog-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam is about embracing the city’s inclusive spirit. Amsterdam is renowned for its pet-friendly attitude, with dogs welcomed in many restaurants, parks, and stores. This extends to its waterways, where a variety of canal cruises are designed with pets in mind.

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The city’s canal cruises offer a unique perspective on Amsterdam’s heritage and contemporary life. By opting for a dog-friendly canal cruise, you are not just getting a different view of the city; you’re sharing a special experience with your four-legged friend. Imagine your dog’s delight as it watches the world go by from the comfort of a boat, meeting other canine companions along the way.

Moreover, a dog-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam allows you to navigate the city without worrying about your pet’s well-being. With amenities catering specifically to dogs and staff trained to ensure their comfort, these cruises make exploring Amsterdam a stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

Tips for Navigating Amsterdam’s Canals with your Dog

When planning a dog-friendly Amsterdam canal cruise, it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. First, make sure your dog is comfortable around water and crowds. If your dog gets anxious or seasick, a canal cruise might not be an enjoyable experience for them.

Ensure your dog is well-behaved and can respond to basic commands. It’s crucial for the safety of your pet, yourself, and others on board. Also, remember to carry a leash for your dog at all times. Even though your dog may be well-behaved, it’s safer to have them leashed during the cruise.

Finally, bring along some doggie bags, just in case. It’s important to maintain cleanliness on the boat for the comfort of everyone on board. By following these tips, you can ensure a pleasant Amsterdam canal cruise dog friendly experience.

What to Expect on a Dog-Friendly Amsterdam Canal Cruise

On a dog-friendly Amsterdam canal cruise, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment for both you and your pet. The crew is usually experienced in handling dogs and provides necessary amenities like water bowls and dog treats.

The cruise will take you along some of Amsterdam’s most picturesque canals, offering unique views of the city’s iconic architecture, charming houseboats, and vibrant waterfront life. Most cruises offer commentary, either through a guide or an audio system, providing interesting insights into Amsterdam’s history and culture.

While you enjoy the sights, your dog will get a chance to socialize with other dogs on board. Some cruises even include stops at dog-friendly parks or cafes, giving your pet the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy some off-boat exploration.

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How to Prepare for a Dog-Friendly Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Preparing for a dog-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam involves ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety on the boat. Start by checking the cruise operator’s pet policy, as some may have specific rules about pet behavior, leashing, or the size and breed of dogs allowed.

Pack essential items like a leash, doggie bags, and your dog’s favorite treats. If your dog has a favorite toy or blanket that makes them feel secure, bring that along too. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag, in case they get separated from you.

It’s a good idea to take your dog for a long walk before the cruise to tire them out a bit. A tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog. Also, make sure they relieve themselves before boarding to avoid any accidents on the boat.

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Booking a Dog-Friendly Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Booking a dog-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam is a simple process. We offer a online booking system where you can select your preferred date, time, and type of cruise. All our cruises are dog friendly! Just let us know beforehand in case you should come with more than 2 dogs 🙂

Finally, remember to check the weather forecast on the day of your cruise. Amsterdam weather can be unpredictable, and a rainy day might not be the most enjoyable for a canal cruise, especially with a dog.

pet friendly canal cruise amsterdam

Top Dog-Friendly Activities in Amsterdam

Apart from canal cruises, Amsterdam offers numerous other dog-friendly activities. The city is home to several dog parks, like the Vondelpark and Westerpark, where your dog can run free and socialize with other dogs.

Amsterdam’s pet-friendly attitude extends to its restaurants and cafes, with many allowing dogs and some even offering special dog menus. The “Barking Barista,” for instance, is a popular dog-friendly café that serves dog biscuits alongside your coffee.

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll be pleased to know that many stores in Amsterdam allow dogs. Some even have special sections with dog products, so your pet can choose their own souvenir. And for a taste of Amsterdam’s art and culture, several museums and galleries, like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, allow dogs in their outdoor areas and gardens.

Conclusion: The Joy of Discovering Amsterdam with Your Best Friend

Navigating Amsterdam’s canals is an enchanting experience, made even more special when shared with your best friend. A dog-friendly canal cruise offers a unique opportunity to explore the city’s beauty and charm from its waterways, while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet.

Whether it’s the warm welcome your dog receives, the thoughtful amenities provided, or the chance to meet other canine companions, every aspect of a dog-friendly canal cruise in Amsterdam is designed with your pet’s happiness in mind. It’s a testament to Amsterdam’s pet-friendly spirit and a celebration of the special bond between humans and their furry friends.

So, next time you’re in Amsterdam, consider a dog-friendly canal cruise. It’s time to make some unforgettable memories with your best friend in this beautiful city of canals.

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