Private canal Cruise Amsterdam

Cruise the Canals of Amsterdam in Style

Our canal cruises in Amsterdam are among the most popular means of getting the most out of your holiday. Whether it is a special occasion which calls for a celebration, or you simply need a break from work, just sit back and cruise the canals of Amsterdam in one of its kind Undine cruise. It will certainly give you an experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

Why Cruise the Amsterdam’s Canals in Our Undine cruise?

The monumental Undine lets you cruise the Amsterdam’s canals in style. We can enlist innumerable reasons why travelling with Undine will be an unforgettable memory for lifetime:

  • It’s a vintage small cruise and was built in Berlin back in 1920 to be used for passengers.
    Due to its historic background, it has received the status of a monument.
  • Undine is a perfect small to medium capacity boat for not only couples,
    but it’s equally good for the groups consisting of 8 people (including maximum 6 adults). 
    It is one of the best options when it comes to enjoying your tour with closest family members or friends. 
  • Our canal cruise for Amsterdam private boat can be used by couples for their candlelight dinners or anniversaries.
    Besides, these are most suited for the birthday celebrations, teambuilding events, and much more. 
  • Due to its perfect size, the undine cruise can take you even to Amsterdam’s smallest canals.
    It will not get stuck in traffic unlike the larger tourist cruises. 

We Offer One of the best Private Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

Another reason for preferring our private canal cruises Amsterdam tour is that we offer a very competitive tour prices with modern and comfortable interior on board. This includes a guide and a minibar along with other amenities.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam Price

Let’s have a look at our available packages for Undine private canal tours. All our packages include a welcome drink as well as complimentary tea and coffee. Additional drinks can be purchased from our minibar on board.

  • Our cheapest package would cost you €250 for 1 hour
  • We charge €340 for 1.5 hours
  • Get a 1.5hr tour during Amsterdam Light Festival for €340
  • Set aside your burdens of worries for 2 hours to float with the monument Undine for €430
  • €430 are charged for 2 hours on dinner cruise excluding the charges for food and additional drinks
  • €610 for 3 hours

We recommend small sized cruise because it gives you a personalized experience without being stuck in a crowd of strangers. Besides, smaller private cruise boats have more options when it comes to available routes and the option of custom pickup points are also available for your ease. 

However, if your group constitute of above 8 individuals, we offer bigger cruise boats as well. Get in touch with us to book a larger watercraft and you will be accommodated according to your specific needs so you get to see the beautiful city of Amsterdam from where it looks the prettiest i.e., waters. 

Pictures of our cruises on boats in Amsterdam canals: