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Small boat tours Amsterdam with canal boat Undine

Why should you do a small boat tour in Amsterdam?

The advantages of taking small boat tours Amsterdam in comparison to large tourist boats are numerous. Avoid getting stuck in traffic jam with a large boat. Would you like to be able to discover more of the narrow canals? Continue reading to see why a smaller boat is the better option.

Enjoy your private boat ride on a historic boat

First of all, our small boat tours Amsterdam are operated with classic saloon boat Undine. The boat is one of a few which has received a monument status due to its unique historical character. Undine was built in 1920 in Berlin. It was originally a passenger transport boat between East and West Berlin. Since 2019, Undine is sailing in the dutch canals for private boat tours Amsterdam.

Secondly, a small canal boat is much more flexible with the route. Due to the shorter size, the boat can also pass the smallest canals in Amsterdam. This makes it possible to even sail through “Blauwburgwal“, the shortest canal of Amsterdam!

Custom pick-up location possible with small boat tours Amsterdam

Third of all, we can pick you up at your desired pick-up location. It depends on the distance to Central Station if there is an extra pick-up fee involved. Otherwise we might charge a small extra fee and welcome you on board at your preferred location. But in any case – there is no waiting in the queue with strangers until the boat is filled up!

Finally, renting a private boat pays off in the quality of your experience. You will receive plenty of jealous looks from the tourists which are stuck in shared canal boats. On top of that, the captain will answer all your question about the history of the city. And please don’t forget our minibar on board which you can enjoy unlimited with a drink package!

Onboard amenities

Renting private boat Undine comes with plenty of comfort and amenities such as:

· Open sundeck
· Fully closeable in rainy weather
· double glass (no foggy windows)
· heating for winter tours or during Amsterdam Light Festival
· Nespresso machine (we use biodegradable caps!)
· 100% electric engine
· Wine Climate Cabinet
· Openable front window
· Transport capacity up to 8 persons
· Fleece blankets

Our small boat vs. shared canal boats

Even though the big & shared canal boats are often seen in Amsterdam, they are not the best rated boat tours on Tripadvisor. On the contrary to our small boat tours in Amsterdam, which has received raging 5 star reviews only! Click here to see what other people say about us.Disadvantages of large canal boats are definitely the fact that your group has to wait until the large boat is filled up with plenty of other groups. You will have to wait until the captain thinks to have enough groups on board to start the tour. On those budget tours, you will also get seated on hard plastic seats, making the tour more uncomfortable than a luxury private tour.Besides that, on large tour boats you will not get the chance to ask your own questions to the captain. On the contrary to our private boat tours, large canal boats play an audio guide in different languages. Therefore a group has to remain silent in a large canal boat and can not chit chat with each other and exchange their impressions during the large canal tour.A small boat tour is especially recommended for those, who prefer spending a quality time with their group. Ask the local Captain everything about Amsterdam. Let him take a group picture to keep it as a memory of your private tour. Enjoy an open and relaxed atmosphere with no strangers on our small boat tours in Amsterdam. Are you coming with a bigger group than our boat can fit? Visit Boat Rental Amsterdam for private canal tours of any group size.

Pictures of our small private boat Undine: