Private Boat Charter in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Private Boat classic saloon boat Undine is one of a few which has received a monument status due to its unique historical character. The boat is from 1920 and was serving as a passenger transport boat between East and West Berlin. Since 2019, it is used as canal cruise boat for private boat tours in Amsterdam.


Since we have bought the boat for our private canal cruises in Amsterdam, we have fully modernized it with respecting the main characteristic of the boat.

Interested in a private boat charter in Amsterdam? Our boat has the following amenities to offer:

  • Open deck
  • Fully closable & heating for winter tours / rainy weather / Amsterdam Light Festival
  • Nespresso machine (we use biodegradable caps!)
  • Electric engine
  • Wine Climate Cabinet
  • Windows can be opened
  • Transport capacity up to 12 persons
  • Blankets

Pictures of our Private Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam: