28 Jan 2020

The Ultimate Vegan Tour on the canals of Amsterdam

Vegan Tours Amsterdam have increased in the recent past with some of the attraction areas reporting over-tourism. Your first-time visit to Amsterdam as a vegan would probably ignite your experience and delight your imaginations even more. Visiting Amsterdam as a vegan, just like any other city, requires a pre-study to identify the areas you would likely spend your time. Knowing where you will spend your days and nights will help you out with the trouble of visiting highly crowded areas. It is always advisable to have your Vegan Tours Amsterdam in the off season since it is more enjoyable with fewer visitors.

Being vegan ourselves, we offer vegan tours in Amsterdam on our private saloon boat, serving only vegan friendly wines as well as plant-based cheese platters. The cheeses are either cashew or almond based but can also be coconut oil based if wished. If you would like to book your vegan boat tour with us, please make your reservation via our booking page . Next to that, we can also inform you about what vegan options Amsterdam has to offer as described below.

Trendy vegan Areas in Amsterdam

During your Vegan tours Amsterdam, explore areas which are outside the city for a better experience. There are a couple of veggie restaurants out of town for you and your family or friends to have a bite.  Knowing where you will stay during your Amsterdam trip will relieve you of the stress of having to wait long queues for booking vegan hotels. You may also be disappointed by the higher numbers who settle for vegan hotels making the facilities scarce.

Vegan canal cruise Amsterdam
Vegan cheese platter (cream cheese, cheese slices, vegetable dip, cashew camembert)

Just like your trip to any other place, your budget should be a prior consideration. Plan for your foods and drinks and that of your loved ones for a more comfortable vegan stay in Amsterdam. Other than food and sleeping, budget for your recreation to ensure you enjoy every moment while there.

Vegan tour through the street markets

Take some time and enjoy the street markets on foot. Boat rides are also be perfect during your Vegan Tours Amsterdam if you have family members or workmates on board. Hiring a private boat has never been this easy before. With a capacity of 12, all our valuable people will be covered. Amsterdam Private Boat will help you get to Amsterdam and enjoy your Amsterdam stay at affordable prices.

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