17 Mar 2020

Book Private Canal Boat Tours for The Food, the Culture, and the Fun!

Private Canal Boat Tours Amsterdam has very many packages for tourists and one of them includes the sushi boat, which is Japanese culture, hence, you will get double benefits of having a sumptuous Japanese cuisine as you get to enjoy yourself as well. On these trips, there are many types of sushi dishes to be savored and not just one. Real Japanese food, which normally is of two types.

Sushi Boat Amsterdam

Maki cuisine, which has a mixture of fish, rice, and vegetables, which is deliciously packaged into one piece of seaweed popularly known as the Nori. On the other hand, the other popular type of sushi is served with rice known as the Nigiri, with pieces of thinly sliced pieces of fish, which is raw and deliciously spread on the rice to up your appetite. The other option for visitors normally includes the western delicacy of meat and other usual accompaniments for it.

Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam

This option will also present you with the opportunity to decide on the routes you want to take. Though at the captain’s behest. It will be the best two-hour boat ride of your life on board the sushi boat. The boat’s captain in most instances will double up as a guide during this exhilarating boat trip. If you do not know how to use the chopsticks, there is no reason to worry as you will still use your hands to enjoy your sushi.

Private boat tour for any weather condition

Private Boat Tours in Amsterdam is a moment for all seasons. Whether in winter, summer, or autumn. You will also have the chance to enjoy yourself. This is what Amsterdam was made for. One of the options that many people touring the city of Amsterdam is that there are several options for going on a private cruise. One can rent a saloon boat for this kind of tour.

Therefore, in this category, a saloon boat is most ideal. Their vintage look is what endears visitors. They have also been beautifully revamped and the soft wooden finishes maintained to accentuate their beauty.

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