25 Jan 2021

Luxury boat rental Amsterdam – explore the canals

Boat rental in Amsterdam – which boat to choose?

Coming to Amsterdam for the first time can be overwhelming. Plenty of boat tour operators and several boat types to choose from. But how to identify the right canal boat for your occassion or group? This article will help you to make the right decision for your boat rental in Amsterdam.

Option 1: Private luxury boat rental in Amsterdam

Starting with the most classy and luxurious option is certainly a private boat charter in Amsterdam. The boats are mostly historic, but just a few of them have a monument status. For example classic boat Undine – it is a floating monument from 1920 and has a chique interior. Even though the boat itself is historic, the amenities on board are very up-to-date. It has an integreated heating system, a sundeck, minibar, double glass (prevents foggy windows). Stepping onboard of this chique boat will for guarantee you jealous looks from others.

boat rental amsterdam
Enjoy some champagne on a luxury private canal tour

The rates start from 150 EUR per hour and the boat. Please note this is a group price so if you are a group of 4, you basically pay just 37.50 EUR per hour. You can check out more details about this private boat rental in Amsterdam on the website. For any further questions you can reach them via phone +31 6 45 25 1000. The tour guide / captain speaks english, german and dutch. A private boat tour in french is also possible upon request.

4K Drone Video from boat rental private boat “Undine”

Option 2: Shared large canal boats (Hop on / Hop off)

The most basic canal tours can be done with large canal boats, like the Hop on Hop off boat. Considering the fact that the boat is very standard (plastic seats, no cusions, no drinks onboard, no dining options) – the tickets per person can be anything between 10 – 20 EUR. Be aware that the boat is shared with many strangers so its expected to remain quiet during the tour so you do not disturb other passengers while listening to the audio tour guide. For budget travellers which do not prioritize luxury, comfort or a special experience, those boats are certainly the most suitable.

Option 3: Electric-drive it-yourself boats

This option is only recommended for advanced and adventurous budget travellers. Rent a electric boat and drive it yourself. There is no need to have a boat driving license as the boats only go up to 6 km/h. On top of that, the boats have a rubber shield on the sides, so in case of a crash you will not be scratching another boat.

Those boats can be fun to drive yourself but the negative side is, that you have to know the city well to not get lost. The canals in Amsterdam can look all the same for foreigners so many tourists get lost often and have to call the company to help them getting back. Be aware that the extra time and service is often charged as well as you will not have any tour guide on board explaining you the city.

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